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Litter 2019

LitterA Embodiment of Love

Quite Some Legend of Sunshine’s Valley (Mr Jones) x Vanilla Happy Company (Angie)

HD:A      ED: 0:0                                                   HD: B            ED: 0:0

Pra1 & Pra2 & prcdPra: clear                          Pra1 & Pra2 & prcdPra: clear

ICT: clear                                                               ICT: carrier

                                                                              Natural Ability Test

Angie brought to the world 4 beautiful and healthy puppies, on 10th of January 2019. (3 boys and 1 girl):

Adventurer of The Year Embodiment of Love

All Eyes On Me Embodiment of Love

A Son of The Legend Embodiment of Love

Aurora Borealis Embodiment of Love